Top 5 elite Dating Sites Reviews in 2018

elite dating site elite dating app Elite dating sites provide a higher quality matchmaking service. These sites unite plenty of elite singles including executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities and business leaders etc. If you have a good plan for your future, connecting with these people will benefit you much. At these sites, you can find friendship, companionship, business relations and love.

To help you make a right choice, we selected top 5 popular elite dating sites/apps, which have good reputations and plenty of unique features that are simple and easy to use. You will realize it is not difficult to meet an excellent match.

#1 Millionaire Match   4.9/5

Millionaire Match Review Millionaire Match is the world’s first and largest elite dating site since 2001 with 3.5+ million active users. It has received proof of assets as verifications from about 7, 00,000 members. It is called the best elite matchmaker with the strictest verifying mechanism online, it rejects about 20, 000 applications for signing up every month. So if you are looking for dating a true elite single, Millionaire Match, with more choices and opportunities for users, is definitely the right place for you, as opposed to some other dating sites full of sneaky liars.   

#2 SugarDaddyMeet   4.6

sugar daddy meet review is another elite dating site for rich sugar daddies and sugar babies. It’s the most active sugar daddy site with 209,264 wealthy sugar daddies and 885,362 sugar babies, and there are over 1,000,000 active users every day. More than 500, 000 sugar babies and sugar daddies have found their partners here. Magnate, celebrities and beauties are hoping to find their matches rapidly, instead of pursuing serious relationships.   

#3 Age Match   4.3

age match review On, 69% of the users are wealthy men or women, most of whom are interested in much younger girls and boys. There are two matches: Older Men Dating Younger Women, Older Women Dating Younger Men. You will face less competitive pressure here, but the prerequisite is that you accept such a partner who is over 20 years older than you...

#4 Elite Singles   4.0

elite single review Elite Singles afford the chance especially for elites to meet and date, with more than 66% members holding either a bachelor's, master's, or doctor degree. Members of Elite Singles are of extremely high quality so they pay more attention to if their mates have good taste, decent income, high IQ or whether they share same interests. It is a good choice for elites, but most users are much choosy causing its lower successful rate than the former three.   

#5 Seeking Millionaire   3.9

seeking millionaire review is a high-end brand for the elite class. Most of the members are immensely wealthy, who have a passion for collections and luxuries. Of course, their partners can’t be average in terms of family background, educational background, appearance, and self-cultivation. The membership fees are prohibitively expensive, and thus Seeking Millionaire has not many members. However, the members include top magnets and pretties. To stand out, you have to be excellent.