Dating World Supply and Demand Analysis - Why So Many Wonderful Women are Single
Posted by | Jan, 7

Modern women have seen vast improvements over the past century, not just in their looks, but also in their wisdom. Why are there so many outstanding single women that still claim they cannot find a decent man? Today I will analyze the dating world from the perspective of economics supply and demand law to help explain why so many excellent women are single. I will also teach you the secret of how to break through this predicament.

Of course, looks and wisdom are important criteria for judging a woman. However, hundreds years ago, not every woman had the chance to receive education, so only one in five women may be the "Rihanna," and the remaining four are commoners. Nowadays, with the improvement of makeup technology and the popularization of widespread education, women have higher intelligence and more sex appeal. Therefore, there are more and more excellent women. Naturally, they should find it easier to find their partner. But in fact there are still many excellent women whom are single. Even more strange, is this time around, a lot of good men also lament that they cannot find a good woman. It is as if the boss laments that he can not find a good employee, and the employee laments that he can not find a good job. What causes so many elite singles to miss each other and not be able to connect?

Changes in the sex market for men and women

excellent women, ordinary women

Powerful men and women have always had priority in the selection of their partners. In a patriarchal society like the hundreds hundreds years ago, such a man could pick up the "Rihanna" and two ordinary women from five women and the other two ordinary women remain single. As a result, the market supply and demand imbalance, even ordinary women will be pursued by other men.. After hundreds years, there has been no fundamental change in the criteria for judging men, but women have been upgraded in their wisdom and appearance. Nowadays, three of the five women may be "Rihanna." Women began to become confident, and now they are looking forward to getting lots of male suitors, and also be able to choose from them. This idea was feasible hundreds years ago, because at that time the supply and demand was unbalanced. Today, however, even powerful men can no longer continue to enjoy more than one woman, but only pick one from three"Rihannas", so they leave two "Rihannas" and two ordinary women. At this point, the supply and demand have reached a perfect balance, male and female ratio of 1: 1. The competition will start in the remaining four women. In addition to the ordinary woman, the remaining two are not bad. So even if you are good enough, you still have a lot of good competitors, this situation leaves you at a disadvantage. The market environment has undergone great changes.

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Why so many excellent women are still single

For hundreds years, as the social status of men and women have come to equal each other, the gap between men and women is no longer as large as it used to be. Women's learning and income have started to increase, and women's appearances have become more and more beautiful. This change has in fact caused a decline in the status of men. Even those elite single men feel frustrated when they stay with women who have higher incomes and higher educational backgrounds, let alone the men with a general condition?

For the past hundreds years, the mainstream view of society has not changed as the market environment changes. The traditional view still holds that men should bear the major burden of a family, and men should be stronger than women. Influenced by this concept, men are often more willing to choose a partner who is less excellent than their own. So the men began to focus on ordinary women, but there is only two ordinary women left on the market, which is why so many outstanding women are single. The reason men originally lamented not being able to find a good woman.

How to get out of this dilemma?

There are 3 strategies as follows:

  1. Be more active. To quote the kind of waiting for others to take the initiative to pursue their own ideas will let you lose in the modern social sex market, you need to become more motivated. Join the elite dating agency or elite dating sites to expand your hunting range. Once the target appears, do not wait, take the initiative to express your love.

  2. Continue to improve yourself. In an age when everyone is good, if you want to get the edge out of the competition, you only have to be better off than those who are good, and in addition to continuing to improve your intelligence and appearance, Other aspects of improving themselves.

  3. Lower your standards. Why you stick to seeking an elite partner even though it has costed you much time and energy? Ordinary people can also be good marriage partners. When you're in the pursuit of elite singles in the game, it is not absolutely sure that you can become the winner. You may wish to consider lowering your standards to include ordinary people.