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Review of The Elite Dating Site - Millionaire Match

  Millionaire - Review by Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Millionaire Match stands as the number one choice of top elite dating sites which have been reviewed thus far. This dating site is a great place where elite singles and real millionaires could connect and grow a lasting and meaningful romantic relationship. In fact, this dating site is a great spot for wealthy generous millionaires to meet with other people who want to benefit from the millionaires.


  • 1 month subscription: $70
  • 3 months subscription: $135
  • 6 months subscription: $210
Feature list

  • Ask MM counselor by email and live cha
  • Initiate sending emails / chatting online
  • Respond to others' first date ideas
  • Email / Wink filter settings
  • Check how often a user replies to emails
  • Check online lists
  • Reply to emails
  • Search millionaire through Advanced / Saved / Keywords / Photo/State / Province or Zip / Postal Code / City/Millionaire / Income
  • View certified Millionaires
  • Hide others from search results
  • Request access to private album
  • Get highlighted as a featured member
  • 40+ more benefits only for gold members
Users' Reviews

• I make friends with elite singles having the same interests as me. I even can exchange of business ideas and chatting with them interestingly. - Kyle Stracheyc

• would like ability to try out more features before purchasing a membership. Too many dating sites out there to not get a full 1 week trial. Not being cheap, just my opinion! :) - Monkey131256

• It has friendly interface, I feel satisfied with its features. Easy to use. I had a nice dating. Like it. - by Sadness96

Editor's Review

Renowned for being the very first dating site where members could connect, date and marry elite class, Millionaire Match has been rated to be the largest and most effective millionaire dating site. In this site, you will find members who come from various prestigious walks of life, ranging from doctors, CEOs, lawyers, entrepreneurs, investors, beauty queens, Hollywood celebrities, fitness models, professional athletes, etc. For one thing, the dating site has the backing of two major financial publications in the world, The Wall Street Journal and also Forbes. These two financial publication giants approve of as the leader in the elite dating game.

The website has a very good standard, and it truly deserves its top position. The site features an incredible number of very attractive members, both males and females. It appears very normal to find extremely beautiful profile photos of members on this site. This is unbelievably true! By simply searching for females between the 20 and 30 years, living in the United Kingdom, you will get more than 500 results, with almost every profile having a photo. A similar display was also found when we searched for men between the ages of 35 and 45 years in the United States was carried out. This dating site’s statistics of attractive, smart and successful members is unmatched in any other elite dating site.

It is not only for women searching for successful men, but also for anyone who is very much interested in dating elite singles. The site boasts of lots of financially stable women users who are also searching for the average guys.

Anyone is welcome to this dating site regardless of their income level. In fact the website is very aware of the fact that many persons cannot boast of a high net income, and so not every wealthy people is searching for an equally wealthy partner. A lot are actually searching for partners with average income. To help in suitably matching members, the website requires members to be honest with their income range. You do not have to fully disclose your exact income; you only have to choose an income level where you belong. This way, you will not have to part away with such personal information at just the initial phase of your membership application.

One nice feature which this dating site offers is the Certified Millionaire. This feature enables members who are truly searching for millionaire potential partners to be able to verify their potential partners’ millionaire status. The website requests for appropriate documentation to be able to verify and confirm a member’s millionaire status claim.

Millionaire Match’s home page is found to be good enough. The home page is practical, simple, and genuine. The site has a clean layout that is very functional, and highly responsive. The focus of this dating site is not to thrill their members with exciting visuals, it is purely focused on fostering a suitable environment for romance where members could meet and build lasting romantic relationships. It is very easy for you to navigate your way around this site. It is very user-friendly and easy to expand a search using the various options provided at the search menu.Elite Dating site

So far, the website has been rated very well as deserving of the number one choice of all elite matchmaker sites. However, it has a small flaw. You can contact the website admin via their contact page, but its FAQ section still has some issues to address. One of such issues is that new members cannot access some certain functionality even though these features appear to be easily accessible. A member has to find out what is accessible in the site by randomly trying out the several features to see which one would work. As mentioned, this flaw does not erase the fact that Millionaire Match remains a great elite dating site, and it truly deserves the top spot. Millionaire Match, as a wonderful dating site, provides its members with an appropriate avenue for finding a suitable partner. It is considered as the gold standard elite dating site which offers great quality to its clients. The Gold membership fee for joining is of a great value. Although the membership fee costs more than that of the other dating sites, in the case of Millionaire Match, you get maximum value for your money. You are totally guaranteed of value for money. When you think of the quality service offered to you on this dating site, and also when you compare side by side the average net worth of their members, you will realize that the charges are far too reasonable for what it is offering.

When it comes to both quality and quantity, Millionaire Match leads the way, and others follow. Their position among all the elite dating sites available on the internet cannot in any way be questioned. Millionaire Match beats all of its competitors because of its unique style. Millionaire Match even powers other sites which include,,, amongst others. is just the perfect fit for you if you are attractive and/or wealthy, and are searching for a meaningful lasting affair that’ll be fun for you and your partner.