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Review of The Elite Dating Site - Seeking Millionaire - Review by Overall Rating: 3.9 out of 5

Seeking Millionaire provides single ladies the opportunity to meet and date rich men. The dating site allows single women to register and create their profiles free of charge and help them meet rich men who are looking for dating partners. This site is specifically reserved for classy ladies and wealthy men; and this is evident from the welcome page to every other part of the website, they make it clear that they support classy single ladies to quit dating ordinary broke guys, and focus on millionaires. They also encourage successful single men to date elegant ladies who meet their taste. The site is easy to navigate, classy, but simple in its own way.

$239 / month ($8 / day)

Editor's Verdict

Normally, elite dating sites are graded according to the number of members it has. That is to say that those dating websites with more members are generally graded and ranked higher than those with less members. Another criterion for grading dating websites is the activity level of the members. If an elite dating site has three thousand members, for instance, and out of that number, only five hundred participate in the site, it would be graded lower than another elite dating site that has two thousand members, out of which one thousand members are actively sharing pictures and updating their status. Therefore, for a dating site for elites to be successful, the elite dating agency which owns the dating site must come up with creative ways of making the members participate actively in the website. The ability if an elite dating agency to engage the elite singles on their website is what separates the top elite dating sites from the lower ones. Elite Dating site

Some elite dating websites offer prizes for people who share pictures and engage in conversations. This singular act encourages members to keep participating. Also, when a site makes its membership registration free, it attracts newcomers. Dating sites which do not create avenues to engage their members always suffer lack of members or dormancy.

These criteria form our framework for grading topmost and lower ranking elite dating sites.

The homepage of Seeking Millionaires is graced by pictures of the members. Out of the six pictures available there, two of them appear digitally distorted. When we checked their website, it was easy to navigate, mechanically sound and user friendly. The performance of the website is topnotch, but we didn’t quite like the menus, especially when it comes to the search section. The search functionality is segmented into last log in, location and newest members, which limits the ability of the members to find the results they desire. When you search by location, the search is limited to states and not zip code, which should serve as a narrower parameter for a more effective search.

As for the listing of elite singles, they are listed with beautiful pictures. The elite dating site indicates Premium members with orange background. The listings provided good and helpful information about each member, which should be enough to pique the interest of anyone who might be looking for a prospective elite partner to date. Also, high quality and photos of the member appear by the left margin. There is enough space to contain four clear pictures, which should be enough to check out the looks of an elite single member. This makes Seeking Millionaire stand out from others.

However, here are some of the problems the elite dating site should address. From the first 30 listings, we noticed that out of 13 of them which had pictures, 3 of the pictures appear digitally distorted. However, when we clicked on them, the distortion wasn’t there any longer. Also, one out of the 30 listings we found was from Orlando, which was the place we originated the search. Out of the 30 also, only the first two seemed active because they were the ones who had logged in within the past two month. The rest of them had been inactive for a long time, some even up to a year.

Also, we couldn’t control the target age range, so the listings were between the ages of 22 to 53 years old. Also, when we checked the date of their account creation, we realized that most of them disappeared from the elite dating website just a few days after creating their accounts. This means that the elite dating site has not been able to actively engage their members to be committed in their site. Considering all of these, we lost interest in the site.