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Review of Elite Dating site - Sugar Daddy Meet - Review by Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Established more than a decade ago, is one of the top elite dating websites for rich sugar daddies where they could meet elite sugar babies. This sugar daddy dating site provides a suitable avenue for both sugar babies and generous sugar daddies for nurturing a relationship that will benefit them both. The proportion in percentage of sugar daddies to sugar babies in this sugar daddy dating site stands at 60%:40%. Also, this site offers several verification services for its members.

Cost: $50.00 / month ($1.6 / day)

Users' Reviews

• Sugar Daddy Meet has wonderful feature, such as"Spark" and "Instant message", also we can check online members, but I hope you shold put all the online members together. by Angeliagirl99

• This site help me to chat with gorgeous women, nice way to meet new people. by NickBarker3

• Like what this site says, it looks like Tinder but it is for sugar daddy and baby. Highly Recommend! by Brian

Editor's Verdict

The website, is a popular dating site which connects sugar daddies looking for beautiful and smart sugar babies for a funfair that’ll benefit the both of them. The site lives up to its name in terms of the kind of services which it provides. It is for sure a very robust sugar daddy dating sites with several features which could enable a user to find a suitable match.

Signing up for would not require you to pay any registration or sign-up fee. This is quite true for the initial stage of signing up for the membership program. Within few minutes, you should be fully done with the sign-up process, and be set to start finding suitable matches. What really does matter is; are you a pretty young girl looking for a rich sugar daddy to spoil you, or you are a sugar daddy hunting for a sugar baby to spoil. You will be required to provide answers to the questions in the questionnaire to help simplify the search for a perfect match for you.Elite Dating site has a very large market. The site has lots of members, and it is quite popular among Australians. Most Australians are very familiar with this site. In fact, in Australia, is ranked as the number one website for sugar daddy hunt.